3c´s Tour of Pressbaum

The 3c took a tour of Pressbaum with their homeroom teacher, Tatjana Grechtshammer, who was joined by Weezie and Christoph Grechtshammer on Friday, May 5th.

The starting point of the outing was Sacré Coeur Elementary School. The class walked to the train station, then went on to the town hall/post office, to the bank and fire department. On the way back to school, they passed by the church and ended up at Café Corso for ice cream.

Ms. Grechtshammer had prepared a questionaire for her students to fill out during their field trip. The questions ranged from: “When is the next train to Vienna?“ to : “What offices are in the town hall?“ The kids had a lot of fun looking for answers, discovering new places, and being together. The trip´s highlight was, of course, the final destination: Café Corso for ice cream cones. Each child was given 1,50 € for the ice cream flavour of their choice and were allowed to eat it together on the porch of the café. The way back home was easier und more fun with tummies full of sweetness. It was definitely a successfull morning.

By Tatjana Grechtshammer and Weezie