Building vocabulary is essential to learning a language, but it can be tedious, if not at times overwhelming.

There are different methods for accomplishing the goal of a good working vocabulary, one of the most successful with elementary aged children being incorporating games in lessons of different topics.

On Friday, May 3rd, Ms. Grabmaier and Weezie gave the 3b a visual quiz on clothes in the form of a matching game. Each student was asked to locate the name a specific piece of clothing posted on one side of the board and match it to the correct picture on the other side of the board. When that was finished, they played a round of „Clothing King/Queen“, a fun game of practice/recall and elimination. The hour passed quickly, with each child getting a few turns to answer questions, help each other, practice pronunciation, and/or try their luck in a quick recall game. The kids obviously enjoyed the lesson and it was a good way for their teachers to assess their students‘ working knowledge.

by Weezie Palmrich