Elementary School English

or … We Made it and How
The MATURANTEN are driving around the campus at breakneck speed, honking in celebration of their achievements; the elementary school kids are on field trips or busy with projects in their classrooms; the kids in 3C (Ms. Dibl) just finished their hot dog and smores picnic. It’s the end of a crazy Corona year.

The English program in Sacré Coeur Pressbaum Elementary School went through several different phases this year, from online classes to complete changes in computer programs, rooms or schedules. Things seemed topsy-turvy at times, but we managed to adjust to the situations thrown at us and came out on top! 

Our reading program in the 3rd and 4th grades progressed nicely, with both grade levels working on vocabulary building and pronunciation skills. The 3rd graders finishing their readers and began the next level. The 4th graders mastered the alphabet in English and are well on their way to becoming spelling pros. The 1st and 2nd graders have busily learned colors, numbers, clothing, body parts, weather, etc. Everyone seems to have profited from the lessons. To sum it up, it looks like we’ve had a successful English learning year. 

Many thanks to parents for their untold patience and support throughout this tough time. The kids still like English and we are still on track! Wishing everyone a happy summer vacation … we’ll meet again in September all rested and ready for the next round!